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PSI CHI is the international honor society in psychology. The Psychology club also meets with PSI CHI.  For more information, visit or contact Dr. Jenn Grewe.

4950: Undergraduate Apprenticeship

Students plan and execute their apprenticeship experience in a research setting and in an applied setting. Read more here (link to file named Psy 4950 – FAQs)


Undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to gain research experience throughout their undergraduate degree. In addition to Psy 4950, the department also offers Independent courses in research, cooperative work experience, practicum and instructional apprenticeship.  Students can receive permission to take these courses by 1) Identifying a project, 2) Completing the Independent Course Approval Form and submitting it to the Psychology Advising

Undergraduate Student Research Scholarships are available to support students engaged in research projects. The Psychology Department offers a matching scholarship for students with funding from another source including the Office of Research.

Factotum Lab 

The Factotum Lab is for undergraduates, by faculty who work exclusively with undergraduates, where you can follow your own passion if you’ve got the time, tenacity, and the passion to do so.


The USU Honors Program is designed to help students reach beyond a traditional undergraduate education. Honors students integrate four key pieces to a well-rounded education: critical thinking; independent research; interdisciplinary learning; and civic engagement. Electing to receive an undergraduate degree with honors helps prepare students for a variety of career paths including graduate school. For more information regarding honors contact Crissa Levin at or visit USU Honors.

Utah 211

A site managed by the United Way that can connect you with service opportunities throughout Utah. (

Just Serve

“Look for something in your area that interests you. Volunteering for the project will take you through a free, one-time registration process.  You will receive confirmation about the event.  The day of the event, just show up and just serve.” For more information, visit

Center for Community Engagement

Val R. Christensen Service Center-“Be the change! Serve in the issue areas of social justice, environment, health & ability, youth & education or alternative breaks!”