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Student Travel & Research Support

Student Travel Support

These scholarships support students who are presenting their research work at professional conferences. 

Student Travel Funds Allocation Policy
Student Travel Funds Application

Undergraduate Student Research Scholarships

These scholarships help support the work of students who are engaged in research projects. These scholarships are provided as matching scholarships for students who have received funding from other sources (e.g., the URCO scholarships offered through the Office of Research and Graduate Studies).

Graduate Student Research Funds 

The Psychology Department Graduate Student endowment fund will be used to help fund student research projects that are required to be completed as part of a graduate program in Psychology.  The total amount of funds available each year (July 1 – June 30) will generally be around $10,000 but may vary as a function of endowment earnings.  Below are eligibility criteria and the application process.

Eligibility criteria

  • Must be a full-time Psychology Graduate Student in good standing
  • Funds must be for one of the following: thesis, second-year project, or dissertation
  • Students can apply for funding only once for each project (students completing a thesis or second year project and a dissertation can apply for funds twice – once for each project).
  • Project must have committee approval prior to the application being submitted.
  • Project must have IRB approval for human participant research or IACUC approval for research involving animals prior to the application being submitted. 

Funds can be requested for the following:

  • Supplies / equipment needed to conduct the research
  • Participant incentives
  • Per diem costs for animals if not covered by another source

Funds generally will not be allocated for travel, study advertising, or payment for research assistants. These expenses will be covered only in the most unusual circumstances and when coverage of expense is essential to the research (e.g., research is all conducted at a considerable distance from USU and to recruit undergraduate assistants, travel costs must be covered; RAs with a specialty skills set, such as fluency in a language other than English, are needed).

To apply students must submit the following to the Psychology Graduate Program Coordinator, Krista Terrell (

  • Copy of project proposal
  • Copy of signed cover sheet for proposal approval. If a signed cover sheet is not available, the student's chair may send an e-mail confirming that the project has received committee approval.
  • Copy of IRB or IACUC approval as necessary
  • Detailed project budget (include total budget as well as funds requested)
  • Statement from chair about the availability of other funds to help support the project (e.g., matching funds from chair’s IDC account)

Students must submit funding requests at least 2 weeks prior to needing the funds.

Students must work with departmental business staff to make purchases.  Students will not be reimbursed for purchases

In general, students will receive a maximum of $1,000.  To help ensure funds are available to as many students as possible, students are expected to only ask for funds that are needed and not “pad” their budgets.  Funds will not be transferred to students but held by the department.  All allotted funds must be used within two years.  If there is a surplus of funds at the end of the fiscal year, students whose research requires more than the yearly maximum amount may receive additional funding.