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Tohi Lab

Tohi is the Cherokee word for wellness, the ideal state of being, peace. “You are in good health when your body and mind are at peace.” Wellness in Cherokee is described as the “harmony between mind, body, and spirit”. This is the expression of our multicultural mental health lab. Our research focuses on the physical, spiritual, and psycological health of ethnic and racial minorities, like the traditional medicine wheel. We incorporate traditional and culturally appropriate interventions/research methods into our exploration in order to decolonize multicultural research within the field of psychology. Our aims are to investigate disparities and potential solutions, advance the field of multicultural psychology, and to disseminate our research and education to others in beneficial ways.

“For the Cherokee, health is more than the absence of disease; it includes a fully confident sense of a smooth life, peaceful existence, unhurried pace, and easy flow of time.  The natural state of the world is to be neutral, balanced, with a similarly gently flowing pattern… All aspects--physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual--figure into the Cherokee concept of good health.(Lefler, 2009)

Lefler, L. J. (2009). Under the Rattlesnake: Cherokee Health and Resiliency. University of Alabama Press.