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Factotum Lab

Factotum comes from Latin and literally translates to “Do Everything.” Both words are meaningful here: In this lab, you DO. You work hard. Feet on the ground is what makes research happen. But also, this is a lab made up of many diverse topic areas – between the two faculty (Dr. Crissa Levin and Dr. Jennifer Grewe), we do a little bit of everything. 

This is a lab for undergraduates, by faculty who work exclusively with undergraduates, where you can do everything if you've got the time, tenacity, and the passion to do so. It always has been, and always will be a distance lab. You can engage in the lab from wherever it is that you're already engaged in your coursework - so long as you "do."

All undergraduates are welcome to join at different levels of involvement.
Visit How to Get Involved to find out more.