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How to Get Involved:

The Challenging Behavior Assessment and Intervention Lab (CB) provides opportunities for students to gain clinical experience and in some cases, be involved in clinical research. The clinical and research experiences available through the CB lab are great opportunities for students who are considering graduate training in behavior analysis and want to gain more clinical experience and exposure to single-subject methodology.

The CB lab is always looking for highly motivated students who are interested in getting involved in the Behavior Support Services clinic. Undergraduate students who are interested can learn more about expectations for undergraduate practicum student expectations here, but in general, we expect students to:

  • Be reliable, communicative, collaborative, and interested in working with the population served in the Behavior Support Services Clinic
  • Commit to 9 hours per week for at least one semester
  • Conduct themselves in a highly responsible, professional, and ethical manner towards peers, clients, and colleagues

Undergraduate practicum students who consistently meet these expectations and would like to continue in the CB lab may have the opportunity join as a Clinical Assistant (CA). Experience as a CA makes students a great candidate for graduate school and research, including:

  • Exposure to more advanced clinical skills (e.g., graphing, leading a team of students)
  • Become eligible to be credentialed as a Registered Behavior Technician
  • Additional opportunities to be involved in research opportunities
  • Letter of recommendation

Interested students should:

  • Review the CB lab and Behavior Support Services webpage to become familiar with the research group and clinic setting
  • Review expectations to determine if the CB lab is a good fit for your schedule and current situation
  • Contact Dr. Brown at to submit a 2-3-page letter of interest that answers the following questions:
    • What year are you in school and what are your plans post-graduation?
    • Do you have previous experience working with children with disabilities? If so, please describe.
    • What is your comfort level working with individuals who engage in problem behaviors?
    • What qualities make you a good team member working in a collaborative environment that can, at times, be stressful and high-paced?
    • Do you have previous experience/exposure to behavior analysis? For example, coursework, clinical positions, etc.
    • State your availability for the upcoming semester.

Please note we review letters of interest approximately two months prior to the start of a new semester. Thus, we encourage students who are interested in joining the CB lab in the fall semester to submit a letter of interest in April/May and students interested in the spring semester to submit a letter of interest in October/November.

COVID Update: We understand and take seriously the health and safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the nature of service provision in Behavior Support Services, our student opportunities are only available in the clinic with face-to-face interaction. We are and will continue to implement measures to minimize risk for COVID exposure and promote the safety of students, staff, and clients. However, please note this is an in-person experience and you will have face-to-face interaction with other individuals.