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Sorenson Center for Clinical ExcellenceChallenging Behavior Assessment and Intervention Lab

The Challenging Behavior Assessment and Intervention (CB) Lab is comprised of graduate students in the Behavior Analysis specialization in the doctoral program in the Psychology Department at Utah State University and undergraduate students in the Psychology Department. The CB lab is engaged in collaborative and independent research projects that span across basic and applied domains of behavior analysis. We aim to improve outcomes for children and their families through research, teaching, and outreach. Our lab conducts high-quality research aimed at refining and developing interventions that promote lasting behavior change for children who engage in challenging behaviors, as well as empowering and educating caregivers and other stakeholders to consistently implement interventions with integrity. 

Students interested in working with the Challenging Behavior Assessment and Intervention Lab, or gaining clinical experience in the Behavior Support Services clinic, are encouraged to click here to find more information and apply. For additional information please contact Dr. Brown at