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During the 2018-19 year, the department produced 192 "intellectual contributions," including journal articles, book chapters, books, and textbooks. Of these, 119 were journal articles. Of the publications, 54 included at least one student co-author. The faculty submitted $4.9M in proposals in 2018 and have exceeded that in 2019, with $6.6M in proposals. 

Featured Publications

Research Labs

Lab Name | Faculty Faculty Program Affiliation
Behavioral Ecomonics Lab Greg Madden Behavior Analysis
Timothy Shahan Lab Timothy Shahan Behavior Analysis
Amy Odum Lab Amy Odum Behavior Analysis
Mona Buhusi Lab Mona Buhusi Brain and Cognition & Neuroscience
Multisensory Cognition Lab Kerry Jordan Brain and Cognition
Warren Neuromodulation Lab Christopher Warren Brain and Cognition & Neuroscience
Military Social Science Lab Rebecca Blais Combined Clinical/Counseling
Sue Crowley Lab Sue Crowley Combined Clinical/Counseling
Youth Development, Context and Prevention Lab Rick Cruz Combined Clinical/Counseling
Culture and Mental Health Lab Melanie Domenech Rodriguez Combined Clinical/Counseling
Renee Galliher Lab Renee Galliher Combined Clinical/Counseling
ACT Research Group Michael Levin & Michael Twohig Combined Clinical/Counseling
Tohi Lab Melissa Tehee Combined Clinical/Counseling
Alzheimer's Disease and Cognitive Disorders Lab JoAnn Tschanz Combined Clinical/Counseling
The Self Regulated Learning Lab Greg Callan School Psychology
Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Lab Maryellen McClain Verdoes School Psychology
Tyler Renshaw Tyler Renshaw School Psychology
Latent Variable Analysis Lab Christian Geiser Quantitative Psychology
Lockhart Lab Ginger Lockhart Quantitative Psychology
Statistical Learning and Longitudinal Modeling Lab Sarfaraz Serang Quantitative Psychology
Catalin Buhusi Lab Catalin Buhusi Neuroscience
Factotum Lab Jennifer Grewe & Crissa Levin  Undergraduate

Recent Faculty Publications

Abreu, R. L., Gonzalez, K. A., Capielo Rosario, C., Domenech-Rodriguez, M., & Pulice-Farrow, L. (2019). “Latinos have a stronger attachment to the family”: Latinx fathers’ parental acceptance of their sexual minority children. Journal of GLBT Family Studies. Advance online publication.

Callan, G. L., & Cleary, T. J. (2019). Examining cyclical phase relations and predictive influences of self-regulated learning processes on mathematics task performance. Metacognition and Learning, 14(1), 43–63. 

Cole, D. M., Rung, J. M., & Madden, G. J. (2019). Assessing susceptibility of a temporal discounting task to faking. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 75(10), 1959–1974.

Johnson, C., & Wang, H. (2019). A linear-time algorithm for radius-optimally augmenting paths in a metric space. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Including Subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), 11646 LNCS, 466–480.

Joyner, D., Wengreen, H., Aguilar, S., & Madden, G. (2019). Effects of the FIT game on physical activity in sixth graders: A pilot reversal design intervention study. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 21(6).

Kugler, J., Andresen, F. J., Bean, R. C., & Blais, R. K. (2019). Couple-based interventions for PTSD among military veterans: An empirical review. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 75(10), 1737–1755.

Kunkle, B. W., Grenier-Boley, B., Sims, R., Bis, J. C., Damotte, V., Naj, A. C., … Pericak-Vance, M. A. (2019). Author Correction: Genetic meta-analysis of diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease identifies new risk loci and implicates Aβ, tau, immunity and lipid processing (Nature Genetics, (2019), 51, 3, (414-430), 10.1038/s41588-019-0358-2). Nature Genetics, 51(9), 1423–1424.

Landon, T., McKnight-Lizotte, M., Connor, A., & Pena, J. (2019). Rehabilitation counseling in rural settings: A phenomenological study on barriers and supports. Journal of Rehabilitation, 85(2), 47–57.

Long, E., Barrett, T., & Lockhart, G. (2019). Chronic health conditions and adolescent friendship: Perspectives from social network analysis. International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health.

Regueira, Y., Fargo, J. D., Tiller, D., Brown, K., Clements, C., Beachman, B., … Sommers, M. S. (2019). Comparison of Skin Biomechanics and Skin Color in Puerto Rican and Non-Puerto Rican Women. Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal, 38(3), 170–175.

Sommers, M. S., Fargo, J. D., Regueira, Y., Brown, K. M., Beacham, B. L., Perfetti, A. R., … Margolis, D. J. (2019). Are the Fitzpatrick skin phototypes valid for cancer risk assessment in a racially and ethnically diverse sample of women? Ethnicity and Disease, 29(3), 505–512.

Updated 10/15/2019