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In 2019, the USU Psychology Department produced 146 "intellectual contributions," including journal articles, book chapters, books, and textbooks. Of these, 138 were journal articles. Of the publications, 64 included at least one student co-author. The faculty submitted $12.3M in proposals in 2019 a record year for grant proposals in department history. In 2019, the faculty were awarded $3.8M in grants and contracts. 

Featured Publications

Research Labs

Lab Name | Faculty Faculty Program Affiliation
Challenging Behavior Assessment and Intervention Lab Katie Brown Behavior Analysis
Behavioral Ecomonics Lab Greg Madden Behavior Analysis
Timothy Shahan Lab Timothy Shahan Behavior Analysis
Amy Odum Lab Amy Odum Behavior Analysis
Mona Buhusi Lab Mona Buhusi Brain and Cognition & Neuroscience
Multisensory Cognition Lab Kerry Jordan Brain and Cognition
Warren Neuromodulation Lab Christopher Warren Brain and Cognition & Neuroscience
Military Social Science Lab Rebecca Blais Combined Clinical/Counseling
Sue Crowley Lab Sue Crowley Combined Clinical/Counseling
Youth Development, Context and Prevention Lab Rick Cruz Combined Clinical/Counseling
Culture and Mental Health Lab Melanie Domenech Rodriguez Combined Clinical/Counseling
PR2IDE Lab Renee Galliher Combined Clinical/Counseling
ACT Research Group Michael Levin & Michael Twohig Combined Clinical/Counseling
Tyler Lefevor's Research Lab Tyler Lefevor Combined Clinical/Counseling
Tohi Lab Melissa Tehee Combined Clinical/Counseling
Alzheimer's Disease and Cognitive Disorders Lab JoAnn Tschanz Combined Clinical/Counseling
The Self Regulated Learning Lab Greg Callan School Psychology
Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Lab Maryellen McClain Verdoes School Psychology
School Mental Health Lab Tyler Renshaw School Psychology
Latent Variable Analysis Lab Christian Geiser Quantitative Psychology
Statistical Learning and Longitudinal Modeling Lab Sarfaraz Serang Quantitative Psychology
Catalin Buhusi Lab Catalin Buhusi Neuroscience
Factotum Lab Jennifer Grewe & Crissa Levin  Undergraduate

Previously Featured Publications

Amador Buenabad, N. G., Sánchez Ramos, R., Schwartz, S., Gutiérrez López, M. L., Díaz Juárez, A. D., Ortiz Gallegos, A. B., González Ortega, T. G., Vázquez Pérez, L., Medina-Mora Icaza, M. E., Domenech Rodríguez, M. M., & Villatoro Velázquez, J. A. (2019). Cluster Randomized Trial of a Multicomponent School-Based Program in Mexico to Prevent Behavioral Problems and Develop Social Skills in Children. Child & Youth Care Forum

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Blais, R. K. (2019, epub ahead of print). Lower sexual satisfaction and function mediate the association of assault military sexual trauma and relationship satisfaction in partnered female service members/veterans. Family Process.

Callan, G. L., & Cleary, T. J. (2019). Examining cyclical phase relations and predictive influence of self-regulated learning processes on mathematics task performance. Metacognition and Learning14(1), 43-63. doi:10.1007/s11409-019-09191-x.  

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Gallistel, C. R., Craig, A. R., & Shahan, T. A. (2019). Contingency, contiguity, and causality in conditioning: Applying information theory and Weber’s Law to the assignment of credit problem. Psychological Review.

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Levin, M.E., Krafft, J.*, Hicks, E.T.*, Pierce, B.* & Twohig, M.P. (2020). A randomized dismantling trial of the open and engaged components of acceptance and commitment therapy in an online self-help program for distressed college students. Behaviour Research & Therapy, 126, 103557.

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Odum, A. L., Becker, R. J., Haynes, J. M., Galizio, A., Frye, C. C. J., Downey, H., Friedel, J. E., & Perez, D. M. (2020). Delay discounting of different outcomes: Review and theory. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior.

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Recent Faculty Publications
(February - March 2021)

Aardema, N. D., Rodriguez, D. M., Van Wettere, A. J., Benninghoff, A. D., & Hintze, K. J. (2021). The western dietary pattern combined with vancomycin-mediated changes to the gut microbiome exacerbates colitis severity and colon tumorigenesis. Nutrients, 13(3), 1–21.

Aft, T., Oprisan, S. A., & Buhusi, C. V. (2021). Is the scalar property of interval timing preserved after hippocampus lesions? Journal of Theoretical Biology, 516.

Blais, R. K. (2021). Screening Positive for Military Sexual Harassment or Assault Is Associated With Higher Compulsive Sexual Behavior in Men Military Service Members/Veterans. Military Medicine, 186(3–4), e305–e309.

Bono, L. K., Haverkamp, C. R., Lindsey, R. A., Freedman, R. N., McClain, M. B., & Simonsmeier, V. (2021). Assessing Interdisciplinary Trainees’ Objective and Self-Reported Knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Confidence in Providing Services. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

Browning, K. O., & Shahan, T. A. (2021). Examination of alternative-response discrimination training and resurgence in rats. Learning and Behavior.

Davis, C. H., Krafft, J., Hicks, E. T., & Levin, M. E. (2021). The role of psychological inflexibility and perspective taking in anti-racism and anti-sexism. Personality and Individual Differences, 175.

Geiser, C. (2021). Longitudinal data analysis: A complex endeavor. New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development, 2021(175), 7–9.

Geiser, C., & Simmons, T. G. (2021). Do method effects generalize across traits (and what if they don’t)? Journal of Personality.

Harris, B., McClain, M. B., O’Leary, S., & Shahidullah, J. D. (2021). Implications of COVID-19 on School Services for Children with Disabilities: Opportunities for Interagency Collaboration. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics : JDBP, 42(3), 236–239.

Harrison, S. P., Schoen, R., Atcitty, D., Fiegener, R., Goodhue, R., Havens, K., House, C. C., Johnson, R. C., Leger, E., Lesser, V., Opsomer, J., Shaw, N., Soltis, D. E., Swinton, S. M., Toth, E., & Young, S. A. (2020). Preparing for the need for a supply of native seed. Ecological Restoration, 38(4), 203–206.

Hirsch, M. E., Lansford, K. L., Barrett, T. S., & Borrie, S. A. (2021). Generalized learning of dysarthric speech between male and female talkers. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 64(2), 444–451.

Jensen, K. B., Waldron, B. L., Peel, M. D., & Hill, R. W. (2015). Forages. In Irrigation of Agricultural Crops.

Johnson, C., & Wang, H. (2021). A linear-time algorithm for radius-optimally augmenting paths in a metric space. Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications, 96.

Lefevor, G. T., Tamez Guerrero, N. A., Paiz, J. Y., Sheffield, P. E., & Milburn, H. E. (2021). The Congregational Structure of Homonegativity: Why Place of Worship May Matter More than Frequency of Worship. Journal of Homosexuality.

Levin, M. E., Krafft, J., An, W., Ong, C. W., & Twohig, M. P. (2021). Preliminary findings on processes of change and moderators for cognitive defusion and restructuring delivered through mobile apps. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 20, 13–19.

Lillis, J., Schumacher, L., Thomas, J. G., Levin, M. E., Dunsiger, S., Unick, J. L., Evans, E., Hayes, J. F., & Wing, R. R. (2021). Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial comparing two low-intensity weight loss maintenance interventions based on acceptance and commitment therapy or self-regulation. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 103.

Muñoz, K., San Miguel, G. G., Barrett, T. S., Kasin, C., Baughman, K., Reynolds, B., Ritter, C., Larsen, M., Whicker, J. J., & Twohig, M. P. (2021). eHealth parent education for hearing aid management: A pilot randomized controlled trial. International Journal of Audiology.

Serang, S. (2021). A comparison of three approaches for identifying correlates of heterogeneity in change. New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development, 2021(175), 141–160.

Sommers, M. S., & Fargo, J. D. (2021). Discriminating between consensual intercourse and sexual assault: Genital-anal injury pattern in females. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine, 79.

Tirone, V., Orlowska, D., Lofgreen, A. M., Blais, R. K., Stevens, N. R., Klassen, B., Held, P., & Zalta, A. K. (2021). The association between social support and posttraumatic stress symptoms among survivors of betrayal trauma: A meta-analysis [背叛创伤幸存者的社会支持与创伤后应激症状之间的关联:一项元分析]. European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 12(1).

Twohig, M. P., Petersen, J. M., Fruge, J., Ong, C. W., Barney, J. L., Krafft, J., Lee, E. B., & Levin, M. E. (2021). A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of Online-Delivered ACT-Enhanced Behavior Therapy for Trichotillomania in Adolescents. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice.

White, K. R. (2021). Progress in helping children who are deaf or hard of hearing achieve their potential. Pediatrics, 147(2).

Zalta, A. K., Tirone, V., Orlowska, D., Blais, R. K., Lofgreen, A., Klassen, B., Held, P., Stevens, N. R., Adkins, E., & Dent, A. L. (2021). Examining moderators of the relationship between social support and self-reported PTSD symptoms: A meta-analysis. Psychological Bulletin, 147(1), 33–54.

Updated 4/2021