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Joseph Jones

Joseph Jones

Quantitative Psychology Program

Contact Information

Office Location: EDUC 442


I am a doctoral candidate in the Quantitative Psychology Program and finishing remotely. My dissertation focuses on how various study and data characteristics influence performance of growth curve modeling. My research interests are in longitudinal data analyses, latent class analyses, and missing data techniques. I have experience with a broad scope of analytic techniques experience and use them in SPSS, Mplus, R, SAS, and various other statistical programs. I apply my statistical knowledge and experience across a variety of outlets including developmental health (cognitive, physical, and mental) in older adults, education, relationship dynamics, baseball, and marketing sciences. 

I live in Syracuse, NY working as a Statistician for an industry leading market research firm. I design and analyze research studies by utilizing many advanced techniques across a wide range of research engagements. When not working or teaching, I enjoy getting outdoors, woodworking, video games, and spending time with my son.