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Joshua Parmenter

Joshua Parmenter


Doctoral Student

Contact Information

Office Location: EDUC 448


Joshua (Gresham, OR) is a doctoral student in the Combined Clinical/Counseling Psychology program at Utah State University working with Dr. Renee Galliher. After earning his BA from Pacific Lutheran University (Tacoma, WA), he then worked as an HIV test counselor and psychiatry research assistant at University of California- San Francisco. His professional experiences, as well as his subjective experience as an openly gay man, fueled his passion for giving back to the LGBTQ+ community and his career to mend health disparities in LGBTQ+ populations. 

Joshua's research focuses on LGBTQ+ psychosocial health, sexual identity development, gender roles, resilience, sexual behavior, and male body image. 
Joshua's research is currently exploring how sexual minorities may navigate between LGBTQ+ culture and the heterosexual dominant culture and how this may affect their psychosocial health. 

He is also heavily involved in APA governance within Division 51 (Men and Masculinities) as well as Division 44 (Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity). Within these divisions, Joshua has worked on disseminating writing for the general public and increasing education and training opportunities around sexual and gender minority mental health.

Joshua strongly believes in self-care and does so by playing volleyball, swimming, hiking, traveling, and socializing with his friends/"chosen family."