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Dr. Melissa Tehee

Melissa Tehee

Assistant Professor

Dr. Melissa Tehee is currently an assistant professor at Utah State University in the department of Psychology and Director of the American Indian Support Project (AISP). She is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

Dr. Tehee’s clinical and research interests are in addressing trauma across the life span. Her research has focused on bias/prejudice/racism, health disparities, and domestic violence and other trauma experienced by ethnic and racial minorities, especially American Indians. Her interdisciplinary training allows her to consider the convergence of these topics with law and policy. Other interests include the dissonance of the APA ethics code with culture, multicultural competence, and mentoring.

 She earned dual degrees in Clinical Psychology, Policy, and Law (Ph.D./J.D.) with a certificate in Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy at the University of Arizona.  She completed her predoctoral internship at the University of California San Diego and San Diego VA consortium. Dr. Tehee has a Master of Science in Psychology from Western Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Nebraska.

 Dr. Tehee is accepting doctoral applicants for next academic year. Please contact her if you are interested in applying.

Tohi Lab (Melissa Tehee's Lab at USU)

American Indian Support Project (AISP) for the Combined Ph.D. at USU

Society of Indian Psychologists (SIP)