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USU Psi Chi Named Model Chapter


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Students meeting

The Utah State Psi Chi chapter has been awarded a Model Chapter Award by Psi Chi International. Psi Chi is an international honor society in psychology. Their purpose is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship and advance the science of psychology.

“Psi Chi offers opportunities for growth and an environment of commitment,” said Rieley Frederick, USU Psi Chi chapter president. “Having a positive, motivated, and encouraging group to help push things forward is what Psi Chi has to offer.”

 Dr. Jennifer Grewe, the faculty mentor of the USU Psi Chi chapter, encourages undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty to consider joining Psi Chi.

“Psi Chi is a wonderful way to advance one’s education and career in psychology and to connect and network with others within the field of psychology,” said Grewe. “Psi Chi offers mentorship and leadership experiences that can be a valuable addition to one’s career. It provides resources such as grant funds, networking events, publications, and useful information online.”

 Psi Chi International awards model chapters financial support as well as public recognition on their website. Criteria for a model chapter award include nine objectives. Chapters must induct new members, hold chapter activities, and hold elections, among other administrative activities.

“Being a part of Psi Chi gives students more opportunities than they would otherwise have,” said Sara Hathaway, Psi Chi council media specialist. “Beyond more close interactions with professors and other students with like-minded goals, a member of Psi Chi has more access to different scholarships and research opportunities.”

In an effort to continue connecting and meeting despite current circumstances, the USU Psi Chi chapter held a successful virtual game night this fall.

“It has been difficult to connect with others over these last eight months, but the virtual game night provided an avenue for engaging with others in a fun, stress-free way,” said Grewe. “It was a welcome sight to see people engage in discussion, laughter, games, and fun with their peers. I loved seeing what a great time these students had and how they were able to get to know each other. Plus, many won prizes, which was a bonus!”

The USU Psi Chi chapter meets on Tuesdays at 8:30 am. Interested individuals can contact Dr. Grewe at for more information.