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Psychology Doctoral Students Match with Internship Sites


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Internship Match Day!

Six doctoral students in the Utah State Psychology Department’s Combined Clinical/Counseling Program matched with internship locations on February 21, 2020 through the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Center (APPIC). Doctoral internship experiences offer supervised training to students before they are awarded a PhD.

Every year, doctoral students from psychology programs across the nation apply for internship placements through APPIC. After the internship sites review applications and conduct interviews, the internship sites rank their prospective students and the students rank their preferred sites. APPIC then coordinates matches between students and internship opportunities.

This year, students from Utah State matched with many highly regarded internship sites, such as Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA, the Missouri Health Sciences Consortium in Columbia, MO, and the Salt Lake VA Health Care System in Salt Lake City, UT.

“I am very excited about my match,” said Molly Mechammil, who matched with the University of Southern California Children’s Hospital. “It was my top program, and is very close to what I hope for in a future career.”

Mechammil stated that it is never too early to start preparing to apply to internship sites because the work involved in completing the necessary components can be overwhelming at times. She started a list of sites she was interested in during her third year in the program and began drafting application materials while completing coursework. Mechammil also relied on the support of supervisors and colleagues, who role-played mock sessions with her to help ease her nerves.

Clarissa Ong, who matched with Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital, was similarly both nervous and excited to read about the many training opportunities available for her next phase of professional development. “Although it was an anxiety-provoking process, it was amazing to be able to talk to people who share my research interests and clinical values,” Ong said.

“I feel incredible about my match,” said Tammie Ellington, who matched with the Fort Harrison VA in Helena, MT. “This site was my number one choice. It fits my personality, my training goals, my career goals, and the geographic goals of my family.”

APPIC announces matches at the end of February each year. The USU Combined Clinical/Counseling Program has achieved 100% student placement in accredited internship locations for the past eleven consecutive years.

“My advice for other students is don’t settle,” said Ellington, “I realized how well-respected our program and training is while interviewing. It was a great perspective to obtain, and I quickly realized how much students from our program stood out amongst the rest.”

A list of all of USU student internship placements is available here.