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Dr. Michael Twohig's Lab
The Center for Clinical Research

The Center for Clinical Research has one overarching objective: to advance the field of clinical psychology by developing effective and acceptable psychological interventions to improve human wellbeing. Guided by this objective, our lab conducts research on a range of topics, including mechanism of changes, treatment effectiveness, and correlates of maladaptive behavior. We use a variety of research designs, including case studies/series, single-subject, laboratory experiments, and randomized trials. We research many clinical disorders, but most of our work focuses on obsessive-compulsive and related disorders. We hope that our research contributes to the understanding of behavioral processes and methods to facilitate behavioral change, with the ultimate goal of increasing valued living.


Our lab is located on the campus of Utah State University in the Center for Persons with Disabilities (CPD), Room 026 (basement). The CPD is located just north of the Edith Bowen Laboratory School.