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Students working with brain tracking machine.

Brain and Cognition

The Utah State Brain and Cognition PhD specialization offers students the opportunity to gain a PhD in psychoogy with a specialization in cognition and brain. The program is home to highly qualified faculty with varied interests including cognitive development, multisensory processing, and neuropsychiatric disorders. Students receive extensive training in brain and cognition, from basic neurological processes to psychological disorders, and related disciplines.

The Utah State Psychology Brain and Cognition Specialization is housed in the Education Building at the university. Students accepted into the program receive tuition awards and assistantship stipends. Learn more about requirements for the Brain and Cognition Program at Utah State, how students are funded, our faculty, and a week-in-the-life of a student in our department.

Course Highlights

Cognition and Instruction | Cognitive Neuroscience | Advanced Developmental Psychology

Brain & Cognition Faculty and Lab Pages

Cat Buhusi Lab | Cat Buhusi


Mona Buhusi Lab | Mona Buhusi

The Mona Buhusi Lab conducts research involving identifying  identifying the specific sets of guidance cues along individual pathways and understanding how anomalies in neuronal connectivity relate to human neuropsychopathology.


Multisensory Cognition Lab | Kerry Jordan

The Multisensory Cognition Lab asks the question, “How did we, starting as prelinguistic infants, extract meaningful information from our world's busy mixture of multisensory stimulation?”

Warren Neuromodulation Lab | Chris Warren

The Warren Neuromodulation Lab researches how the brain optimizes cognitive performance under varying circumstances.


Timothy Shahan Lab | Timothy Shahan

The Shahan lab focuses on quantitative analyses of conditioning and learning.