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Outcomes Data 

We realize your education is an investment in your future. The Psychology Department at Utah State University has carefully analyzed the outcomes of their graduates in such areas as:

  • Post-Graduate employment opportunities, including psychology-related employment rate
  • How well USU prepared graduates for critical field research after graduation
  • Percentage of graduates actively participating in post-graduate research teams
  • The fulfillment of educational objectives from the APA (American Psychological Association)

Please take a moment and read our Outcomes Data pertaining to your area of interest.

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Psychology Program Outcome Data

Masters Degree Program

Annual Accreditation Report 
School Counseling Program Outcome Data

Education Specialist Program

School Psychology Program Outcome Data

Doctoral Specializations

Combined Clinical/Counseling Specialization Outcome Data

Experimental Specializations Outcome Data

Combined Clinical/Counseling/School Specialization Outcome Data