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Combined Clinical/Counseling PhD Program

Values Statement Addressing Diversity1

Respect for diversity and for values different from one’s own is a central value of Utah State University’s Combined Clinical/Counseling Psychology training program. The valuing of diversity is also consistent with the profession of psychology as mandated by the American Psychological Association’s Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct (2002) and as discussed in the Guidelines and Principles of Programs in Professional Psychology (APA, 2005). 

We recognize that no individual is completely free from all forms of bias and prejudice and we expect that our training community will evidence a range of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. While in the program, students will be expected to engage in self-reflection and introspection on their attitudes, beliefs, opinions, feelings and personal history.  Students will be expected to examine and attempt to resolve any of the above to eliminate potential negative impact on their ability to perform the functions of a psychologist, including but not limited to providing effective services to individuals from cultures and with beliefs different from their own and in accordance with APA guidelines and principles.  Evidence of bias, stereotyped thinking, and prejudicial beliefs and attitudes will not go unchallenged, even when such behavior is rationalized as being a function of ignorance, joking, cultural differences, or substance abuse.   When these actions result in physical or psychological abuse, harassment, intimidation, substandard psychological services or research, or violence against persons or property, members of the training community will intervene appropriately and in a manner consistent with relevant policies. 

1Adapted from the diversity statement developed by the Counsel of Counseling Psychology Training Programs and Mintz, L.B. & Bieschke, K.J. (2009). Counseling Psychology Model Training Values Statement Addressing Diversity: Development and introduction to the major contribution. The Counseling Psychologist, 37, 634-640.

In addition, the program is committed to providing services to diverse populations.

Rural/Multicultural Emphasis Area

The rural/multicultural emphasis area provides specialized focus across ethnic/cultural, sexual minority, and rural populations with emphasis on identity development, cultural adaptation of interventions, psychotherapy treatment, and ethics.  The area seeks to develop an interdependent community within the independent academic context.


The Access and Diversity Center at USU provides resources and programs for LGBTQA, multicultural, and non-traditional students at USU including scholarships, events, training, and support.