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Psychology Faculty, Graduate Student, and Undergraduate Student Awards

The Utah State University Department of Psychology is committed to ongoing excellence accross disciplines and specialties. Our award-winning faculty have been recognized in areas including research excellence, outstanding teacher performance, and transformational mentorship inside the higher education system and beyond. The department's commitment to recognizing individuals for their contributions to the advancement of the field of psychology continues today. 

Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services

Faculty Researcher of the Year

  • Michael Levin (2018)
  • JoAnn Tschanz (2017)
  • Michael Twohig (2016)
  • Christian Geiser (2015)
  • Gregory Madden (2014) - University Researcher of the Year 
  • Timothy Shahan (2007)
  • Amy Odum (2006)

Teacher of the Year

  • Jennifer Grewe (2019)
  • Scott Bates (2007)

Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year

  • Renee Galliher (2018)

Undergraduate Faculty Mentor of the Year

  • Scott Bates (2011)

Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor of the Year

  • Kerry Jordan (2013)
  • Christopher Johnson (2009)

Professional Advisor of the Year

  • Tressa Haderlie (2017) - University Professional Advsior of the Year
  • Tressa Haderlie (2012)

Graduate Student Researcher of the Year

  • Clarissa Ong (2019)
  • Eric Lee (2018)
  • Salif Mahamane (2017) - University Graduate Student Researcher of the Year
  • Kate Morrison (2014)

Undergraduate Student Researcher of the Year

  • Julie Crozier Lamb (2011)
  • Dustin Jones (2009)
  • Adam Kynaston (2008) - University Undergraduate Student Researcher of the Year


Utah State University Awards

D. Wynne Thorne Career Research Awardees

  • JoAnn Tschanz (2017)
  • Karl White (1995)

USU's Woman of the Year

  • Regan Eggli (2019)

Mid-Career Faculty Award from USU's Center for Women and Gender

  • Amy Odum (2019)

Strong Human Services Award

  • Michael Twohig (2019)