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Department of Psychology

The Utah State Psychology Department is home to seven graduate level programs and a thriving undergraduate major. With more than 150 PhDs awarded our alumni network is rapidly growing. Students from many different walks of life have found a home and place of belonging in Logan, Utah. The department’s commitment to seeking and training diverse students and faculty has created a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our mission is to make substantial contributions to the development of new knowledge. Department interests across ethnic/cultural communities, identity, and rural populations develops well rounded, professional and knowledgeable graduates. 

We are dedicated to facilitating student professional and academic growth as well as fostering a strong commitment to ethical practice in psychology. Learn more about diversity efforts in the Psychology department.

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Psychology Spotlight

Utah State Psychology Department Confers 150th PhD

Utah State Psychology Department Confers 150th PhD


The Utah State Department of Psychology conferred its 150th PhD to Kaitlyn Browning. Browning received a doctoral degree in psychology with an emphasis in behavior analysis.

Michael Levin

Dr. Michael Levin's Featured Publication Spotlight


Dr. Levin is a Professor within the USU Psychology Department in the Combined Clinical and Counseling Psychology doctoral program.

Department Spotlight: Makinzie Clark

Department Spotlight: Makinzie Clark


Makinzie Clark is a graduate of the Utah State University Professional School Counselor Program with a master’s degree in education in psychology.