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Sarah Potts

Sarah Potts


Doctoral Student

Contact Information

Office Location: CPD 001C


I started graduate school in the clinical/counseling/school PhD program at Utah State University after graduating from the University of Missouri- Kansas City. have enjoyed being able to work with both Dr. Scott DeBerard and now currently Dr. Mike Levin while pursuing my degree. My research interests include mindfulness, acceptance-based therapies, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and web-based/cost-effective interventions and programming that promote patient experience and adherence, such as health behavior change interventions and parental/patient support for preoperative pediatric surgery. My dissertation is a guided self-help program for weight self-stigma and health behavior for individuals who are overweight. I am excited to be applying for internship this fall. I enjoy cooking, yoga, mountain biking, being on the river, skiing, and mostly anytime the sun is on my face.