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Joseph Jones

Joseph Jones


Doctoral Student

Contact Information

Office Location: EDUC 442


I am originally from Chattanooga, TN. I received my Bachelors and Masters from the University of TN-Chattanooga in Psychology. I am in the Experimental and Applied Psychological Science (EAPS) program with an emphasis on Quantitative Psychology. I started the program in the Fall of 2015 and work with Thomas Ledermann.  My research interests are in longitudinal data analyses developmental, and health psychology. I have experience with a broad scope of analysis techniques, including multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, and mixture modeling. In addition, I have experience using these analytic techniques in SPSS, Mplus, and R. My substantive interests are in developmental psychology with a focus on how cognition and health, both mental and physical, change over time. Recently, I began working on data-sets with older adults (65+ years) assessing the relationship between rates of change on several aspects of physical and mental health. Be sure to check out our lab page for more information.