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Dr. Donna Gilbertson

Donna Gilbertson

Associate Professor
Location:  EDUC 494
Office Phone:  435-797-2034

Research Interests: Applied behavior analysis, functional assessment, academic and behavioral interventions, consultation and minority equitable placement practices in special education


Donna Gilbertson, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of school psychology at Utah State University. Dr. Gilbertson's teaching and research interests focus on intervention and consultation to help adults respond effectively to children and adolescent learning, social, and emotional adjustment problems in school settings. Currently she is examining a response-to-intervention program that systematically helps schools identify children who are experiencing academic or behavioral problems when these difficulties first emerge. Intervention is used to assist those students, and student progress is monitored to determine if additional special education services are needed. Additional specific research interests include effective interventions for culturally diverse students or for socially isolated students who are experiencing bullying. She has worked in schools for 19 years as a teacher, psychologist, and researcher and has written numerous articles in this area including a book on effective classroom management strategies for educators.

Graduate students who work with Dr. Gilbertson will provide assessment and intervention services to schools and parents as part of the TIPS: Tips on interventions for parents and students school consultation program. Her team works closely with teachers, administrators, parents, and children in school settings to identify effective and feasible intervention methods to improve child and adolescent learning and growth.