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David Stein

David Stein

Online Instructor

Research Interests: Controls of eating, etilogy, assessment and treatment of eating disorders, addictive behaviors and health psychology, drug and alcohol prevention/treatment

Web Bio

Dr. Stein is a clinical psychologist by training. Dr. Stein's major research interests focus on the range of so-called addictive behaviors and impulse control problems (e.g., substance abuse, pathological gambling, and eating disorders). Most of his research has sought to identify risk factors, valid assessment procedures, and evaluations of interventions for eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa). His research grants have been primarily associated with the federal government's Drug Free Schools and Communities Program, primarily in the arena of prevention. He has also developed a wide range of training contracts and grants for the department's Ph.D. program in Combined Clinical/Counseling/School Psychology.