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Michael Twohig Lab Center For Clinical Studies



Is Dr. Twohig Taking Students?

Dr. Twohig supervises students in the Combined Clinical/Counseling/School Ph.D. program. He does not have the ability to take in Master's students. He generally admits a new student to his laboratory every year. If you are interested in working with him please send him an e-mail with your CV. He will be honest about your fit with the research team.

What Are My Chances Of Getting In?

Graduate programs in clinical psychology are very competitive. Our program receives over 100 applications and we accept 6-10 each year. Good test scores, grades, experience, and letters of recommendation all play into the equation, but fit in terms of professional interests and personality also make a big difference. If you don’t want to do the work that takes place in this lab and don’t feel comfortable with the other people who work in the lab then this is not the right place for you, but if this is the work you want to do and like the team, then this might be a great place for you.

What Is Expected Of Me If I Get In?

This is a laboratory for people who have interest in the science of psychology. Clinical scientists do more than just work at universities; they work in hospitals, counseling centers, private clinics, and many other places. But a clinical scientist focuses a portion of his or her time on scientific activities whether that means conducting research, editorial work, or other types of scientific service. The majority of the work that takes place in this lab is academic in nature so you should enjoy that type of work if you are going to work in this lab.

It is generally expected that you spend your days as scientists do: conducting research, writing papers and grants, presenting, training, as well as related activities. Students in this lab are expected to do significantly more than a thesis and dissertation. Most of the students in this lab are working on multiple papers and/or grants and projects at any time. Even though this lab is relatively new (started in 2007) it is already evident that students are successful (see publications).

What If I Only Want To Focus On Clinical Work?

The field needs people like you, but this is probably not the right lab for you.

What Type Of Work Occurs In The Lab?

Most of the work in the lab focuses on the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder and OC spectrum disorders (trichotillomania, skin picking, compulsive pornography use) and other anxiety disorders. We also do some work on multicultural issues, and a lot of our work focuses on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. The majority of our work is with adults but we also do some work with children and adolescents. If you are interested in these topics then you might be happy in this lab; we generally like to stay in these areas.

What Specifically Occurs In This Program?

Basically you take a number of courses, do clinical work in a variety of settings, do a fair amount of research (specifically a thesis and dissertation), and then a one year internship outside of the university.

Will I Be License Eligible?

Yes, we are APA accredited and you will have all the academic training for licensure as a clinical psychologist. You will need to satisfy the hour requirements of your state, but that is the case no matter where you are trained.


Generally students are funded throughout their years here on campus. I like to fund my students off my research grants but those change from year to year. You can expect to be funded on grants at some points, do one year as a clinical assistanceship, and possibly teach or be a teaching assistant. All funded students receive a tuition remission for Ph.D. coursework (Masters coursework is not included) which means that your tuition is mostly covered. Any tuition that you do pay will be at the "in-state" rate. We also provide you with health insurance at a very low cost (~$250/year). You will not be rich as a student but you can probably survive—student loans help.

General Rule Or Other Things I Should Know About The Lab?

As I think of things that I would like students to know and agree to I will add them to this list. 1) Students in this lab will cooperate with each other and support each other. 2) You dissertation needs to be pretty much done prior to going on internship. If it looks like you will not be completed with data collection by the time you you would leave I will ask you not to apply for internship.

If you have additional questions e-mail them to Dr. Twohig.