USU PSI CHI Research Conference 2013

"A resounding success"

Congratulations to all of the participants for an outstanding job. Thank you to each and every author who put so much time and energy into conducting their research, preparing it for presentation, and presenting it. Thank you also to the mentors who so clearly invested in their mentee's success.

Original Research Category

1st Place
Chance Christensen
Project Title: Chronic administration of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor fluoxetine reduces the effect of anxiety-inducing distracters on interval timing.

2nd Pleace
Stephanie Lawanto
Project Title: Assessment of Neuronal Activity During Social Interaction in NrCAM KNockout Mice.

Oral Presentation Category

1st Place
Mikey Rodgerson
Article Title: Evidence to suggest that teeth act as human ornament displays signaling mate quality.

2nd Place
Andy Harris
Article Title: Bystanders matter: Associations between reinforcing, defending, and the frequency of bullying behavior in classrooms.