The research of Dr. JoAnn Tschanz

Our own Dr. JoAnn Tschanz has received a great deal of media attention the last few weeks for her groundbreaking research on individuals with Alzheimer’s and the effects of positive caregivers. This is the first major study to examine how positive coping strategies used by caregivers appear to slow the cognitive decline measured in Alzheimer’s patients. With such limited treatment options for individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s, this research may bring increased hope to families, caregivers, and patients.

Positive coping strategies used by caregivers that have shown to significantly slow cognitive decline in patients include: problem-focused coping, seeking high levels of social support, counting blessings, etc. Furthermore, caregivers may mutually benefit from using positive coping strategies. For example, caregivers show a significantly lower level of stress when they use problem-focused coping strategies. To learn more about this innovative research link to the media stories below:

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