A Message From Camille Odell, School Counseling Program Director

Greetings! and Welcome to our new students who are joining the Program for the fall  2014 face-to-face program in Kaysville, Utah. 

Welcome back to our second-year students located across the state for our broadcast format, and to our third-year students who are in school counseling internships in K-12 schools.

No matter what year of training you’re in, I hope you are looking to the new horizons that naturally unfold with the start of each new academic year.

To find out what has been going on in Professional School Counseling, click on the latest newsletter (below). Past newsletters can be accessed via the links below.  I strongly urge new students in particular to read the newsletters for the past year to bring yourself up to date on current issues in the exciting field of school counseling.  ~Best, Camille.



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