graduate programs
MEd: Professional School Counselor Education

Utah State University's Department of Psychology offers a nationally accredited master's-level program of study in Psychology which qualifies graduates for professional licensure in School Counseling. The program is specifically designed to train individuals for school counseling position in grades K-12 within public and private schools in elementary, middle, and high school settings. Graduates of the program also find placement in academic advisement centers located at public and private including on-line colleges and universities. Training is provided in the design and implementation of school-based counseling, comprehensive guidance programs and college and career readiness.. Program Chair: Camille Odell MS


The major emphasis of this training program at USU is the preparation of school psychologists who are broadly trained in assessment, intervention, and consultation. The Eds program prepares graduates for educator licensure and/or certification in school psychology. Program Chair: Donna Gilbertson, PhD


The doctoral program in Experimental and Applied Psychological Science is designed to develop researchers with widely marketable skills. This program administers specializations in Behavior Analysis and Sociobehavioral Epidemiology. Program Chair: Tim Shahan, PhD


We also offer scientist-practitioner training in a combination of clinical, counseling, and school psychology (fully accredited by the American Psychological Association). Program Chair: Susan Crowley, PhD