Providing psychological services to children, adolescents, and adults

Description Of The Clinic

The USU Psychology Community Clinic provides professional services to the residents of Northern Utah, Southern Idaho, and Western Wyoming, as well as students and staff of Utah State University:

  • The Purpose of the clinic is to serve as the primary mental health service and training site for graduate students studying clinical, counseling, and school psychology.
  • Services are provided by graduate students completing their MSs or PhDs These students are supervised by licensed PhD psychology faculty.
  • Fees for services are based on a modest sliding schedule and determined by the monthly take-home pay of clients and the number of persons in the family. The clinic is a participating provider with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Utah. For other insurance companies, an itemized summary of services is provided. This information may be submitted by the client to obtain reimbursement.

Services Offered

The Clinic provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to clients who may be experiencing a wide variety of problems. These can include anxiety, depression, situational stress, difficulties with interpersonal relationships, and occupational, emotional, intellectual, academic, or parenting problems. The clinic also offers expertise for problems involving eating disorders, marital difficulties, childhood academic achievement problems, and the special problems of minority groups.

The major formats for working with clients are: individual therapy, child services, couples and family counseling, and group therapy.

Individual Psychotherapy

The therapist usually meets with the client once a week for a 50-minute session. The purpose of individual therapy is for the client to gain an understanding of important personal issues and to learn how to develop alternative ways of resolving conflicts and problems.

Child Services

The therapist usually meets with the child and/or parents once a week for a 50-minute session. Services provided for children include individual therapy for problems such as: depression and anxiety, family behavioral therapy for ADHD and other acting-out behavior problems, school consultation to help in the planning of school intervention programs or in the coordinating of school and home programs, and psychoeducational and behavioral assessment.

Couples And Family Therapy

Therapists usually meet weekly with the couple or family for 50-90 minute sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to help resolve conflicts, marital disorders, and to improve parenting skills and communication.

Group Psychotherapy

Therapy groups typically meet for 90 minutes each week. Clients are referred for different group counseling experiences based on their needs and personal goals. Groups offer peer support for developing awareness of feelings, alternative points of view, and provide an excellent climate for developing social skills.

General Information

The Psychology Community Clinic is open between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and some evenings. Prospective clients should contact the clinic receptionist at (435) 797-3401.