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School Psychology (PhD)

We will be admitting students to the PhD in Psychology with a specialization in School Psychology to start fall 2018.  Application review will begin December 1, 2017 and will continue until our cohort is full.  To receive highest priority, applications should be received by December 1, 2017.  
Please refer to the application process link on left. 
Please note this program is not yet accredited by NASP or APA.

School Psychology (EdS)

Program Overview

The Department of Psychology at Utah State University offers a graduate program of study leading to the Ed.S. degree in Psychology with a specialization in School Psychology, and subsequent educator licensure/certification through the state office of education as a school psychologist. Students in the program will earn their MS degree on the way to their EdS but this is not considered a terminal degree and the MS degree alone will not allow one to work as a school psychologist.

The training program consists of an intensive plan of study that includes broad training in:

  • psychological and educational foundations
  • assessment
  • consultation
  • behavioral and instructional interventions
  • statistics and research design

Opportunities In School Psychology

School Psychologists work in schools or related settings to meet the mental health and educational needs of children and adolescents. Through graduate training and applied experience, school psychologists develop skills that allow them to perform activities such as assessment and classification, consultation with parents and teachers, direct interventions (e.g., counseling, social skills training, behavior management), and research or program evaluation. The job outlook for school psychologists is currently very favorable in most regions of the U.S. There is currently a nationwide shortage of school psychologists which is expected to continue for a number of years.

Training In Emotional And Behavioral Disorders

Although training received in the school psychology program enables students to be proficient in many different skill areas, the program currently specializes in preparing students to work with children and adolescents who are exhibiting significant emotional and behavioral problems. More specifically, students are trained in interventions that are behaviorally-based to prepare them to work with children and adolescents exhibiting a wide variety of emotional and behavioral problems. Education and training in this area allows students to develop professional skills that are becoming an increasingly high priority within the public school system.

Program Approval And Certification

The USU School Psychology Training Program is conditionally approved by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and is approved by the Utah State Office of Education for preparation of school psychologists. Completion of the program will not only satisfy school psychology educational licensure requirements for Utah and most other states, but will also allow graduates to pursue the National School Psychology Certification (NCSP).

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Director of Training: Tyler Renshaw, PhD