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School Psychology PhD & EdS |
Application Process

General Information

Application Deadline

  • Application review for the PhD and EdS Programs begins December 1st of the year prior to desired admission
  • To receive highest priority, applications should be completed prior to the review deadlines. 
  • Applications received after review deadlines are not guaranteed full consideration.

Review & Interview Timeline

  • Applications for the PhD and EdS Programs are reviewed in early December.
  • Promising candidates are invited to attend an on-campus interview day, which is held on the first Monday in February
  • Interview days provide prospective students the opportunity to meet Program Faculty and current graduate students.
  • Program Faculty typically convene to make admissions decisions within two weeks following interview day.

Admissions Timeline

  • Admissions offers are extended by individual faculty who are interested in serving as a student’s Major Professor.
  • Applicants offered admission into the PhD or EdS program have until April 15th to accept/decline the offer.
  • All admissions offers are automatically void at the end of the working day on April 15th.