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Professional School Counselor Education (MEd)


The Utah State Office of Education provides three levels of licensure for school counselors.

Temporary License - Student Intern License:

As part of a university school counselor preparation program a school counseling intern assumes increasing responsibility in working directly with students. A school counselor preparation institution may issue an intern license to ensure a background procedure has been completed for student safety as well as supporting agreements between the issuing institution and the district of placement. A license is issued to the interns assigned to elementary, middle or secondary schools under the cooperating Institution as part of the their professional preparation.

Professional Educator License Level 1:

School Counselor: a license issued upon completion of an approved counselor education, or USOE approved alternative program, or to persons applying for licensure under interstate agreements. This license is issued to counselors who are beginning their professional careers who have completed an approved 600 hour field experience (400 hours if the applicant has completed three or more years of successful teaching experience as approved by USOE licensing). It is valid for three years.

Professional Educator License Level 2:

School Counselor: a license issued after satisfaction of all requirements for a Level 1 license and 3 years of successful experience as a school counselor. It is valid for three years.